Capacity translates visions into reality

it makes Leaders and experts of persons and organisations

External Programs complement I Academies

PITA will not compete or duplicate training and capacity programs available from other organisations*, but would recommend them to members. Accreditation benefits may be achieved from academies offering relevant cross credit or ladder programs for the telecommunication sector industries

PITA may also request replication with customisation for its members on a collective or individual member basis. and or form partnerships for developing new programs for the special Pacific Islands needs.

* ITU CoE &, Academy, APNIC Academy, University of the South Pacific, and more

PITA work programs

With the assistance of relevant key personnel and managers from member organisations, and at their request, PITA will organise capacity building programs, and industry workshops, training at any time of the year to help members address their capacity gaps, to addressing specific issues, incidents or emergency, or to implement a required transformation, to facilitate the needed competency, skillsets and knowledge base at different levels of the organisation. Such programs complement PITA annual work programs.


Held twice a year at June/July and November/December, PITA with the PacNOG Coordinating Partners1 organise and hold a PacNOG Educational conference and hands-on training for the Internet Networking engineers from Pacific Island countries. These programs are included in the annual work plans.

1 APNIC, ICANN, NSRC and PITA; and at special times ITU and other parties putting in their support at different times

Learning from peers I Exchange

PITA supports member exchange program under its TCDC* initiative to fund technical exchange of experts, or study attachments and visits in the member countries. Such programs are very cost effective, very practical, and a means to accelerate implementing a solution from the successful experience and learnings from members. *

TCDC assistance is open to all Full Members

*Technical Assistance for Developing Countries

PITA Academy
Concepts into this initiative have been raised and discussed in PITA forums with the exploration to continue with the collaboration of industry technology members, partner academies and training suppliers, as well as all members.

Refer below for the list of training programs with invites extended to PITA members:

Online training course on Next Generation Broadband: Standards and Applications, Date: 11 – 22 July 2022. ..more info

Online training course on Fifth Generation (5G) Implementation: Practices and Case Studies: Date: 27 June to 03 July 2022 …more info

Online training course on The Development of Industrial Internet, 13-25 June 2022. …more info