Projects & Advocacy

Our guiding concept:

With the goal of providing a forum for those involved with telecommunications in the Pacific, to exchange experiences, to help formulate solutions relevant to the region, to provide training opportunities and the regular exchange of information, and to be a Pacific voice in the international communications environment, the need to promote and advocate on the special needs of the small island states in the Pacific forms one of the key activities of PITA

Special needs include but are not limited following

  • the isolation of Pacific voice in global forums,
  • protections of lifelines and critical resources for Pacific Island states,
  • bridging the digital divide.

Special issues include but are not limited to the following

  • the grave concerns of PITA member countries with the rising incidents of the unauthorised use of Pacific Island Telephone numbering resources in international revenue share fraud and other telecom frauds
  • call for international support in addressing the special issues of Small Islands and Developing States (SIDS)