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The PITA Fraud and Revenue Assurance Forum is a closed forum, like a long term Working Group, formed to handle fraud and revenue assurance matters as they arise, regularly meet and conduct training, and maintaining vigil to avoid losses from fraud.

The membership strictly follows the same criteria as other Fraud forums and only apply to Full Members.

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Fraud News

ITU was not spared from international hijacking telecom fraud  

Posted 17 May 2019
The ITU head office in Geneva was reported to be a victim of a numbering hijacking fraud which was investigated and found to be driven mainly to create nuisance rather than for illegal revenue generation. A solution to direct such calls to IVR was reported to be effective.

The Rule of the Thump for operators or regulators  

Posted 19 August 2017
“The Rule of the Thump for operators or regulators leasing out numbers are known to face risks in getting the brunt of the consequences” the meeting heard on reports of the increasing incidences of international hijacking and wangiri fraud involving Pacific Island numbers.

Fraud Managements and Revenue Assurance Workshop  

Date: 16-18 August 2017     Place: Auckland
45 participants from 24 organisations attended this workshop that included members from the Pacific, regional carriers and industry players active in fraud preventions, management and in revenue assurance. The workshop objectives were to provide a regular forum for members to update on telecom fraud, prevention, risks, revenue assurances, management and best practices.

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