Telecom Fraud and Revenue Assurance workshop

From: 16 October 2023 - 16 October 2023

Venue: Holiday Inn, Suva Fiji

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Fraud and Revenue Assurance workshop objectives are to raise awareness for proactive actions on combating telecom fraud, and to discuss, learn best practices, tools and case studies for revenue assurance in telecoms

This is a specialised session targeting managers and operational team leaders involved in addressing telecom fraud and revenue assurance.

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Fraud and Revenue Assurance Workshop | Oct 16 (

Background and justifications for the workshop

Digital penetration technologies are revolutionising the telecom sector with high-speed connectivity and providing many channels for customers to stay connected. But with this comes new threats and vulnerabilities resulting in revenue leakage and fraud incurring great losses for the telecom companies.

While leakages may arise from weak internal processes, telecom fraud primarily rise from intentional misuse or abuse of telecommunication services and products (fraudsters) with the objective to illegally acquire money from either the telecom service providers or the customers.

Fraudsters are also exploiting weaknesses such as with the rise in targeted social engineering schemes involving use of stolen credentials obtained through data breaches, the increasing use of online portals, and with the voice-over-IP technologies leveraging the recent uptake in voice and data traffic

It continues to evolve in its methods to steal money, incorporating sophisticated technologies including the use of artificial intelligence, and can circumvent current countermeasures adopted by telecom companies. This calls for a change in the approach from telecom companies towards fraud and to promote revenue assurance.

Target outcomes

  • To help equip telecoms with knowledge, tools and skillsets to PROACTIVELY
    • promote and strengthen revenue assurance processes, controls and checks in telecoms
    • identify and eliminate telecom fraud in real time for revenue assurance.
  • To strengthen cooperation on Fraud amongst key players in the region with international reach.