CEOs exchanged on hot topics; saying such sharing were crucial to be relevant. PITA CEO Forum @PTC23

January 13, 2023

Exchanges at this level for CEOs are crucial. This was expressed by every CEO participating in the recent PITA CEO forum as they exchanged on topics of high interests to them. Topics range from business issues and continuity, imperatives with emerging trends, to cyber security, disaster readiness, technology roadmaps, and sharing of new developments and challenges by each CEOs in their domains.

Concerns on tradeoffs for free money and negating impact of non-domicile operators on local obligations and investments were also expressed.

A number of common action points were discussed and requested for PITA to coordinate and consider in the work plans for 2023.

The PITA CEO forum was held in Honolulu on 13 January 2023, prior to the PTC23 event and in conjunction to the PITA Members meeting that is regularly held one day before PTC.

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