PacNOG 30 underway for internet network engineers

August 11, 2022

Together with our PacNOG Partners and friends, we continue to bring to the Pacific Islands the learning opportunity with the goals of capacity strengthening and raising the Pacific Islands’ aptitude, for advanced internet routing services, concepts and policies, technical best practices, and practical cyber security for internet networking systems and devices.

PacNOG 30 started on 08 August and will end on 12 August, but the learning will continue beyond the classroom and labs with the hands-on applications and peer networking at the field of work.

PacNOG 30 topics include Contents Access, IPv6, Routing Security efforts, DNS and network presentations for the plenary Conference session. Then participants continued in their selected breakout workshops on Advanced BGP and Practical Cyber Security for the 4 days intensive sessions ending on 12 August. Refer to PacNOG 30 agenda and program details at this website or at

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We would like to thank again our partners namely APNIC, ICANN and NSRC, and friends that come in at various times for their unending support to PacNOG and providing us with trainers, speakers; and to the participants and organisations attending this training.