PTC announces Sharons Nakama retirement and new CEO, Brian Moon

October 5, 2022

Many PITA pioneers would have known Sharon Nakama, the former CEO of the Pacific Telecommunications Council now retired from PTC as recently announced effective from 01 October 2022.

PITA wishes to express its highest gratitude to Sharon for her unrelentless support to PITA and the Pacific. The formation of PITA began revolving around the corridors of the PTC events back in the late 1990s and so there is always that linkage with PITA holding a regular meeting of members at the annual PTC conference ever since it was formed in 1998. We wish Sharon all the best in her retirement.

Mr Brian Moon, the newly appointed CEO, joins PTC and brings new insights and strategies to push PTC into the future. PITA extends its warmest congratulations to Brian and look forward to the continuity of working closely for common goals and development in the Pacific

Brian Moon, CEO PTC